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Schnapps distillery

Cheers!   -  To your health!

The Anderlhof was granted "distilling rights" by Empress Maria-Theresia (1740-1780).At that time, a distilling license was only given to "upright, hard-working and respectable farmers"  ...

A manuscript dating from 1963 entitled our business to produce 300 litres of grain alcohol every business year and each year since this time the  hotel's own fruits have been distilled to create fine spirits.


It is especially important to us that we do not buy in any additional fruit. So it might be the case that in a bountiful year of fruit 60 to 70 litres of schnapps are produced, less in a 'bad' year. We alternate between distilling Obstler (made from apples and pears) and rowan berry schnapps.

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Helmut Seer Family
Pirzbichl 14
5771 Leogang

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