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Organic farming

Natural and sustainable

The Anderlhof was first mentioned as a farm in documents dating from 1735. In December 1993 the switch was made to organic farming methods.
The entire managed service area of this heritage farm spans 13 hectares, of which 4 hectares is pasture, used as a grazing area for mother cows, with 7 hectares of pastureland used as a feeding source for animals in the winter. The adjoining two hectares of forest ensures there is a supply of wood.

Produce from the Anderlhof includes herbs, trout and schnapps (non-bonded). A small part of which is sold, but the produce is for the most part served in the hotel's own restaurant, ensuring guests enjoy culinary delectation.

The farm is currently leased.

Enjoy regional produce at breakfast and in our restaurant. When it comes to choosing suppliers, we place a great deal of emphasis on regionality, quality, sustainability and environmental farming. Only then can we offer our guests high quality meals – ensuring they feel content!

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